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Troy Tutors Testimonials

Feel free to submit a review in the section below. Also, in addition to the reviews below,  we highly recommend you see all the positive Troy Tutors reviews that show up on the Facebook Parents Page, Reddit Page, Mailing Lists, Discord Channels, posts from professors, and resources within many of the departments. We are recommended everywhere, and we're happy to answer any questions you may have about Troy Tutors!

Final Data Structure grade is in and I have a very happy kid! It’s been a long semester, but the hard work has paid off. For incoming CS freshman, I strongly recommend Troy Tutors.

I’ve been a Troy Tutors customer (for tutoring) since Fall 2022. Amazing service thus far. I have a very good connection with [the team]. [They're] absolutely helpful and [have] helped me with everything. I’ve gotten good grades in many classes because of their help. Highly recommend them. The tutors and the platform are 100x better than ALAC’s service in my opinion.

Lauren Thraves (Parent of Data Structures Student) - Facebook Parents Page

I am so pleased to hear my son has gained confidence in his data structures course. His ability to tackle the remaining parts of an autograder, hours before a project deadline, shows he is ready to take on the pressure of exams.

Arhum Shaikh (Electrical Engineering Student) - Submitted Review

[My tutor] is a phenomenal tutor and computer science mentor. He combines expertise and professionalism with patience and empathy. His knowledge of computer/data science is deep and broad. He teaches comfortably on the white board and in coding blocks. With [my tutor], you’re apprenticing with a professional.

Parent of Data Structures Student - Email to Troy Tutors

Data Science and ML Student - Submitted Review

My tutor was well-prepared and knew his stuff. He came into the session with lots to talk about and a clearly laid out approach to what I wanted to learn. There wasn't a wasted minute and everything was on point.

Pro Plus CS Lecture Student - Submitted Review

These are probably the best notes I'm ever going to get in my life when it comes to building machine learning models.

Machine Learning Student - Call Providing Tutoring Session Feedback

You've saved my life. I don't know how else I could have gotten past some of this data structures material without [Troy Tutors].

Data Structures Student - Email to Troy Tutors

I never realized how easy homework 6 can be when applying to similar examples, focusing on theory, and drawing out the problem. [Troy Tutors] has accomplished what no professor or TA has been able to do at [university name].

Data Structures Student - Submitted Review

My son used Troy Tutors last semester for data structures tutoring. He is a computer science student at [university name], struggled greatly his first year, and had to retake data structures. This time around, he finished the class with an A! He met regularly with the same tutor and the team was very responsive and accommodating. They greatly valued his feedback and seemed very interested in improving the platform to make the experience for students even better. For example, after my son and others were hoping for a way to ask follow-up questions between sessions, they built a forum where they were very consistently responsive to questions my son had. If it weren't for these tutoring sessions, he might have elected to switch majors. Tutoring has provided him with the confidence to continue pursuing his computer science degree, and Troy Tutors played a major role in that.

My son loved working with [Troy Tutors] on Python. Thought [the tutor] was helpful, communicative, and good at explaining things. We will definitely use [the site] again.

Parent of Data Structures Student - Google Reviews

Parent of Python Student - Submitted Review

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